Name: Pro/line

Product specification: 2.2m, 2.5m, 2.8m

Design Speed 320m/min, Production Speed 270m/min

Market segment: medium – high



·Machine specifically designed for the Asian market, taking in consideration the future trends

·Designed Fosber Italy with the concept “less is more”, based on the experience of the Asian, European and USA Market

·Top level brands: Allen Bradley, Rossi, SMC Lenze, SKF, Rexroth E&L, Renova, etc

·Designed to reduce the number of operators thanks to the fully automatic system and the Syncro controller

·Designed for more than 400 order change per shift, with gapless technology at high speed

·Designed for wide range of paper, flutes and preprint operation

·Designed to be user-friendly, having the corrugator divided in strategic zone for the operator

·Designed for environmental protection and energy saving: glue, steam, lubrication and electricity


The Pro/Backer is a complete grouped machine glue zone that comprises three main units; the multiple preheater, the glue unit and the double backer - all bundled into a single machine with singular control. The unique design of the Pro/Backer makes it suitable for the production of both lightweight and heavy duty board grades.


The Pro/Backer has a single operator PLC and touch screen control station to manage the whole bonding zone. Like all other Pro/Line machines, the Pro/Backer comes in versions for 270 mpm or 320 mpm production speeds, in either single wall or double wall configuration.

The preheater is composed of multiple 900mm diameter heating drum driven at line speed for maximum thermal efficiency. The staggered design of the drums around the glue unit significantly reduces the paper path distances so drastically reduces the heat loss of the paper.


Various heat booster options that are available include steam infusion, larger diameter preheater drums and bottom liner booster curved hotplate. Automatic temperature controls are also available as options.


Each glue level is composed of a doctor roll, applicator roll, drive assembly, glue dams and stainless steel glue pan, with independent settings and automatic glue dam positioning.


The double backer unit of the Pro/Backer can be configured with 13 or 16 heavy duty 750mm hot plates, according to the customer’s requirements.  The innovative pressure shoe system guarantees uniform pressure across the full width of the board, automatically reduces at the extremities of the board to prevent edge crush.  The on-board steam system provides independent heating sections with full condensate recovery.