Name: Pro/line

Product specification: 2.2m, 2.5m, 2.8m

Design Speed 320m/min, Production Speed 270m/min

Market segment: medium – high



·Machine specifically designed for the Asian market, taking in consideration the future trends

·Designed Fosber Italy with the concept “less is more”, based on the experience of the Asian, European and USA Market

·Top level brands: Allen Bradley, Rossi, SMC Lenze, SKF, Rexroth E&L, Renova, etc

·Designed to reduce the number of operators thanks to the fully automatic system and the Syncro controller

·Designed for more than 400 order change per shift, with gapless technology at high speed

·Designed for wide range of paper, flutes and preprint operation

·Designed to be user-friendly, having the corrugator divided in strategic zone for the operator

·Designed for environmental protection and energy saving: glue, steam, lubrication and electricity


At the heart of the Pro/Line is the brand new Pro/Facer single facer that has inherited much of the technology from Fosber’s Pro/Facer single facer. It is a totally flexible multiple flute quick-change cassette single facer. 


The extended nip “BELTLESS” design concept with its 5:3 ratio differential design of the two corrugating roll diameters means that the Pro/Facer also sports the ideal flute forming labyrinth particularly when running lighter weight papers. 


The Pro/Facer also has the ability to run with true zero wrap on all external and internal preheaters and preconditioners, while a completely new vacuum arrangement ensures that the liner and fluting are perfectly held together under constant and uniform contact across the full web width during the bonding process.    


The Pro/Facer single facer also hosts the same series of fully automatic controls features as the Pro/Facer such as variable wrap arm positioning, automated controls for steam pressures and steam shower, automatic "kiss" press roll control, and automatic glue gap controls. 


With its compact dimensions the Pro/Facer can be installed in the space of any existing single facer and furthermore it has been designed to dramatically reduce installation time and civil work requirements as the machine can be installed on an existing foundation.