S/LINE 420

S/LINE 420

Product: S/Line

Product specification: 2.5m, 2.8m

Design Speed: 420m/min, 370m/min

Market segment: medium – high



·Wet end with fast paper roll change cycle in the industry, beltless “Extended Nip” technology and multiple and fast flute change capability

·Oil Free technology across the complete dry-end and short order run capability

·Syncro intelligence – closed-loop auto process control to enhance production flexibility

·Reduce the cost of ownership and operation

·The advanced and efficient corrugators steam system in exclusive partnership with Baviera

·Top level brands: Allen Bradley, Rossi, SMC Lenze, SKF, Rexroth E&L, Renova, etc

·Designed to reduce the number of operators thanks to the fully automatic system and the Syncro controller

·Designed for more than 400 order change per shift, with gapless technology at high speed

·Designed for wide range of paper, flutes and preprint operation

·Designed to be user-friendly, having the corrugator divided in strategic zone for the operator

·Designed for environmental protection and energy saving: Glue, steam, lubrication and electricity


The Crest glueunit compact design meets maximum production speeds and is capable of running the full range of board grades and flute types.
Eccentric flanges, fitted on both sides of the machine, provide parallel adjustment of the doctor roll to the applicator roll. The gap between the chromed doctor roll and the applicator roll is controlled to an accuracy of 0.03mm, achieved via a high precision servo gearbox. The Anilox glue applicator roll (300 mm. diameter) and the doctor roll have the same drive.


The glue gap can be run either manually (the operator sets target gaps and the machine automatically maintains such a gap), or fully automatically (the gap is set according to the pre-configured glue curve), where a constant glue film thickness is ensured at all speeds.


The Crest is supplied with a contact bar or a rider roll system, according to customer requirements. The rider roll configuration is attached to an upper arm that pivots. This can be adjusted through a finite control altering the position through a zero backlash jackscrew. This design provides absolute gap accuracy and adjustment, guaranteeing the starch is precisely applied to the flute tips only.


An adjustable width stainless steel glue pan is specifically designed to prevent glue slinging. Each operating level and its corresponding starch flow control are fully independent from the other level, allowing accurate glue film application at all speeds. Starch is fed into the center and drains out through the full lenght of the pan.


The glue reservoir is automatically kept at constant levels. The glue film is always under constant hydrostatic pressure, allowing accurate glue film application at any speed, in addition to reducing starch consumption. To facilitate cleaning, the entire glue pan can be tilted away.


The on-board drive panels and operator console is standard with touch-screen control, providing visualisation of data, machine settings, alarms, comprehensive machine diagnostics and manual over-ride.