S/LINE 420

S/LINE 420

Product: S/Line

Product specification: 2.5m, 2.8m

Design Speed: 420m/min, 370m/min

Market segment: medium – high



·Wet end with fast paper roll change cycle in the industry, beltless “Extended Nip” technology and multiple and fast flute change capability

·Oil Free technology across the complete dry-end and short order run capability

·Syncro intelligence – closed-loop auto process control to enhance production flexibility

·Reduce the cost of ownership and operation

·The advanced and efficient corrugators steam system in exclusive partnership with Baviera

·Top level brands: Allen Bradley, Rossi, SMC Lenze, SKF, Rexroth E&L, Renova, etc

·Designed to reduce the number of operators thanks to the fully automatic system and the Syncro controller

·Designed for more than 400 order change per shift, with gapless technology at high speed

·Designed for wide range of paper, flutes and preprint operation

·Designed to be user-friendly, having the corrugator divided in strategic zone for the operator

·Designed for environmental protection and energy saving: Glue, steam, lubrication and electricity


The Link M3 combined roll stand & splicer group is a unique integrated solution for the optimum running of paper rolls on the corrugator, providing the shortest continuous automatic roll change cycle time available in the industry. Even if the corrugator is located close to a wall, as all reel handling is contained to just one side of the corrugator the Link M3 roll change cycle time (70% less than conventional systems) is completely unaffected.


The Link M3 is a stand-alone machine, housed in a robust modular structure which also acts as the bridge support. The reel stand section sports all the latest technical features for the automatic centering and alignment of the rolls prior to loading on the chuck arms. The independent chuck arms automatically pick up the rolls and allow automatic web alignment. The arms are fitted with an automatic core ejector as well the latest multi-disc brakes which ensure even controlled tension over time. Furthermore the arms are also fitted with automatic reminders so that after splice out rolls are automatically rewound and ejected from the Link M3 area. This means once the operator has prepared the splice he can vacate the area and carry out other duties, thus reducing overall manpower requirements on the wet-end.


The state-of-the-art splicer section of the Link M3 comprises an accelerator roll to rapidly and securely brake the web on the old roll and to accelerate the web from the new roll back to line speed. The accelerator roll works in conjunction with the servo controlled double dancer roll assembly in a perfect equilibrium for optimum and constant tension control.


The Link M3’s patented splice head design uses a single continuous movement to carry out the splice via a rotating nip to secure the splice with no impact or hammer mechanisms required. The result is a true zero tail splice at maximum line speeds with unparalleled splice reliability.